Course Catalog

A Practical Guide to Search Engine Optimization

Instructor:  Robert Nicholson

This course is intended for a website owner or website designer who needs to increase traffic to the site through achieving better placement in search engine results. It’s an introduction to all of the principles, tools, and techniques required for effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

It is based on lecture material prepared for CMPE 280 – Web UI Design and Development, at San Jose State University.

Estimated course time: Two hours.

Managing Your Site with WordPress

Instructor:  Robert Nicholson

A guide to adding and updating pages, posts, and pictures.  This course is intended for someone who will manage the content of a WordPress website.  It is not intended for web designers.

You will need access to a WordPress website, and a username and password to log in.

Estimated course time:  60 minutes.

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