Online Learning is a great way to learn new skills, improve your existing skills, and even add to your professional credentials.

You can work at your own pace, anywhere you have Internet access, and see immediate results.

What makes Learning Jack courses different?

There are dozens of other online learning sites. At Learning Jack we’re trying to do things a little differently!

Our courses are:

  • short and focused, so you’ll learn new skills in just a few hours
  • designed specifically for online learning, with short modules and lots of interaction to reinforce the material
  • taught by experts, with serious credentials and extensive backgrounds in academia and industry
  • affordable… less than the price of a dinner out, for hours of instruction
    (Yes, we know that there are free courses – but they spend most of their time trying to upsell you their services!)

Visit our Course Catalog and see what we have to offer!

Are you an Expert?

We’re looking for expert content authors to create great online courses!  We have a generous revenue sharing plan, and we can also offer assistance in converting your course materials to online format. Contact us for details.